Mr Mead & Captain James McWolfson

I had the opportunity to work with one of Bristol’s darkest young talents Mr. Mead and together we produced a timelapse documenting his creation of Captain James McWolfson, a hyper detailed rendering of a bio-mechanical anthropomorphic wolf soldier – a character summoned entirely from his restless imagination.

The piece details his skill with pen and ink and follows the complete process: from priming and preparing 6′ of board to the obscenely detailed rendering of this character. As an Artist I always find another’s creative practice fascinating and this was no exception – more so even because our working techniques are so disparate.


The video is a distillation of 10 days spent in his Jamaica St studio in Bristol, UK.

His work ethic and meticulous pursuit of excellence are inspirational and I hope the effort and skill come through in this piece.

Check it out here and feel free to let me or him know your thoughts.